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Happy Listeners & Readers Speak Volumes!

People have been so kind to share feedback about my music and books.

Please have a look at some of the reviews I have received over the years.

Heather S

Alan Flory has created a masterpiece with his catchy children’s book and song God Made Me! Children and their parents alike will want to reread this book time and again.

Not only are the pictures simply charming with their vivid colors and engaging animals, but the repetitive nature of the story and song support the development of emerging literacy skills.


Education Professor, Manchester College Language Arts and Early Literacy

Shirley J

God Made Me! is one great book. Talk about cutting-edge for children! Talk about Top of the Line; this book is it.

Inside you will find an absolutely delightful story as we are taken into the world of some animals that we see often, and some we don't Cows, sheep, birds and even giraffes are featured, as we learn how God made them all, including me and you!

Your eyes feast upon colorful pictures that delight and tickle us as we turn the pages, but here's the kicker to this outstanding book for children. On the back cover you will find a CD where the story is sung through and ended with a fun instrumental.

Immediately the child will want to go through the book again and sing along as they look at the pictures. I know this as a fact as my granddaughter and I read this book together. What fun!

Our author has found the winning ticket to lead children back into the wonders of reading by adding to it their natural love of music. Truly the combination of music and reading is a winner. Your child will love this book. Highly recommended.


Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

James R, Ph.D.

Alan Flory has produced a delightful and profound piece of children’s literature entitled God Made Me!


Children will be engrossed by the music, the pictures, and the language. Accompanying the book are variations in song and music. Children, in some versions, can sing along. In others, they will be engrossed with the sounds and pictures.

The book is designed to leave a lasting impression on young children in the early stages of their faith journey. We all grew up learning “Jesus loves me. . .” The music and images in Alan Flory’s book promise to leave the same lasting impression.


The book is particularly suitable for Bible school, Sunday school classes and even adult classes where the adults are looking for materials to use in fostering the faith in children. A marvelously engaging book destined to leave a lasting impression.


Chair, Education Department, and Director of Teacher Education Manchester College

Harriet F

Brightly colored photos of animals and a catchy tune, invite us to join with all creation to praise the Lord.


Designed and written especially for two- to eight-year-olds, children and adults of all ages, may also find themselves smiling at the animal antics, and humming along in praise of God through all creation.


Retired Pastor, Former Elementary Education Teacher, Parent, and Grandmother

Nancy L

God Made Me!, by Alan Flory is a fine combination of captivating pictures and mind-catching music.

There is a pleasing repetition to the text and lyrics, and the accompanying music CD-- performed by the author with vocal backup by a group of children--is high quality and entertaining.

The Christian focus will make it a solid choice for many.


Children’s Librarian Manchester Public Library North Manchester, Indiana

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